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Welcome to Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi Optometry Clinc.  Our clinic is located on the First Floor of Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi and is open to all TRICARE Prime beneficiaries. 

Optometry Clinic Mission Statement

Vision Ready is Mission Ready
Our mission is to:
  1. Enhance the readiness of active duty forces by providing the highest possible quality of eye care.
  2. Provide the same quality of eye care to the families of active duty personnel, retirees, and all others entrusted to our care.
  3. Ensure the professional development of the Optometry Clinic staff. 
Provide the highest quality of vision care: 
  1. Maintain optimal visual health for operational readiness.
  2. Strive to maintain and improve the quality of visual care.
  3. Optimize customer service and satisfaction. 


All Active duty are eligible for: 
  1. One frame of choice (metal frame) per year, clear lenses only.  
  2. One standard issue frame (plastic), tinted if occupationally required.
  3. One standard issue frame, clear. 
If deployed, all of the above frames plus: 
  1. One MC gas mask insert, clear or one ICE gas mask insert clear.
  2. One ballistic goggle insert, clear. 
If Army or working with U.S. Army: 
  1. One Uvex insert, clear. 
  1. Two aviator frames, clear. (may substitute one pair frame of choice, clear)
  2. Two aviator frames, tinted.
  1. One standard issue frame with clear lenses or one pair of Half-Eyes.
  2. Dependents are not eligible for glasses, a copy of the prescription will be provided. 

Refractive Surgery Information

  1. Laser eye surgery i.e. PRK, LASIK is currently being offered only for active duty, at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX: Portsmouth, VA Bethesda, MD; San Diego, CA; Camp LeJeune, NC; Jacksonville, FL; and Bremerton, WA. 
  2. In order to be considered for surgery, a full eye exam with the/an Optometry Clinic is required.  No contact lens wear for 30 days prior. 
  3. You must also be over 21, have a stable prescription, and have a prescription within the defined limits. 


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First Floor, Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi 
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Appointments: (361) 961-6000


Monday - Friday: 0730 - 1600 
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and  Holidays.
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