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Welcome to the Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi Pharmacy.

Drive-Thru Service

Beginning Monday, January 16, 2023, Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi will discontinue the Drive-Thru Pharmacy service that was implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All Pharmacy services will be available at the Pharmacy windows inside the clinic and at the ScriptCenter self-service kiosk in the Medical Home Port lobby. The pharmacy hours of operations will be 0730-1630 Monday through Friday and closed Saturdays/Sundays and federal holidays.


ScriptCenter is an automated, self-service pharmacy kiosk and locker system that provides safe and secure pickup of prescriptions and healthcare products.  This service allows individuals to call in their prescription refills, which will be available for pickup from the kiosk after 3 business days and will remain available for up to 7 business days.  Patients can retrieve their prescriptions from the ScriptCenter kiosk by scanning their military ID card. 
Patients must come to the ScriptCenter kiosk located in the Medical Home Port lobby to enroll for future services. 
For more information on enrolling in ScriptCenter, visit:


Q-Anywhere allows activation of new prescriptions via TEXT/SCAN to all DoD beneficiaries. Q-Anywhere can be utilized for all new prescriptions faxed, electronically faxed, or entered by a clinic provider at NHCCC. 
Step 1: Text “Get in line” to 1-855-780-8495.
Step 2: When prompted, text the patient’s DoD ID number in response to the message received.
Step 3: Select the pharmacy location where you will be picking up the prescription.
Once your request is submitted you are free to run errands, etc.  To help maintain social distancing, patients are asked to not wait in the pharmacy waiting room.
When you receive a notification that your prescriptions are ready, they can be picked up at the Pharmacy Drive-Thru.  
Activation requests before 2:30 p.m. will be processed for same day pick up.
All Q-Anywhere activations will receive live updates via text on the status of the prescription and availability for Drive-Thru pick up.  If you do not wish to utilize Q-Anywhere, medications can be activated through envelope drop off, phone call, or voicemail.

What medications are available

  • The NHCCC FORMULARY is a list of the medications that are carried by our pharmacy.
  • The BASIC CORE FORMULARY is a standardized list of medications that are required to be carried at all Military Treatment Facilities. (Link located under "Related Links")
  • The TRICARE FORMULARY is a list of medications that are carried, and available for mail order.

Can my Doctor phone in a prescription

No. Only written prescriptions are accepted, unless the provider practices in our facility and has access to our computer system. 

How can I refill my prescription

Refill requests must be phoned in. "Walk-in" refills will be granted only in an emergency.


Your doctor can now order your prescriptions electronically using e-scribing! Simply provide two pieces of information via fax to (361) 961-3830.
  1. E-Prescribing Pharmacy Name: DoD Corpus Christi ePHCY
  2. Pharmacy NCPDP/NPI Number: 1033521737
E-Scribing will help reduce the number of doctor's visits. And if you call the pharmacy ahead of time to ensure your medications are ready for pick up by a certain date, you can avoid taking a number and waiting - simply go to the new modernized call-in refill window and our Red Cross Volunteers will give you your medications.


Process your refills online at TRICARE online. In order to process your refill online you must have a TRICARE Online Account to Log in.  If you don't have an account you can register for a beneficiary account.  See the options provided by following the link above to process your prescription refill.  You can process your refill Online, Express Scripts Mobile App, By Phone, and By Mail.  

Time limitations for refills

1.Non-controlled medications may be refilled, when authorized by the physician, for up to one year from the date the prescription was written. 
2.Prescriptions for controlled substances may be refilled, when authorized by the physician, for up to six months from the date the prescription was written.
3.Prescriptions for narcotic medications may not be refilled.

Can I refill a prescription from another pharmacy

Yes, if the following conditions are met: 
  1. The prescription was filled at another military medical facility. 
  2. The most recent prescription label is presented. 
  3. The prescription is not more than one year old, for non-controlled medications; or six months, for controlled substances.
  4. The medication is available on the Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi formulary.

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