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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi please use the links below to assist in coming aboard. 

New Staff Member

Congratulations on your orders to Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi (NHCCC)!  We are dedicated to ensuring that you have a productive and enjoyable tour here in South Texas.  Our health care system directly supports the aviation training and mine warfare communities as well as a significant Army and Coast Guard presence at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi (NAS Corpus Christi). Our customers come from varied backgrounds and present us with wonderful challenges.   We have been a successful partner in TRICARE since November 1995.  As the sole naval presence in Region Six, we have a unique opportunity to partner with our sister services to make TRICARE effective and efficient. Please be sure to visit the TRICARE Center here at the command soon after you report on board.   The Command is centrally located on NAS Corpus Christi; and, as the tallest building, serves as a significant landmark. Our staff is active socially and is involved in many activities. There are many fine beaches, parks and recreational activities within a short distance. You will find NHCCC, NAS Corpus Christi and the city of Corpus Christi delightful places to work, play and live.

Reporting Aboard

Military Personnel – Upon arrival, report to the Front Desk and have the Petty Officer of the Watch or the Chief of the Day stamp/endorse your orders. Then, proceed to Manpower on the second deck to start the check-in process. If you report to the health clinic after 2000 you will be required to report back the next day to have them stamp your orders. You will then be required to report to Manpower at 0800 to start checking-in. The check-in process is a 3-day process that your assigned sponsor will assist you with. You will need your Service record, medical record, and dental record with you.
Civil Service Personnel - Report to the Human Resource Office (HRO) on the second deck of the health clinic. Be sure to also report to the Manpower office to start your check-in.

Command Sponsor Program

The Command Sponsor Program is designed to ease relocation and reception of members and their families when transferred on Permanent Change of Station ( PCS) orders to Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi. To  request a sponsor, please fill out the Prospective Gain Questionnaire, the Sponsor Coordinator will review it and assign the best fit sponsor for you.

How to request/contact a sponsor:

Please complete the Prospective Gain Questionnaire below then, click on the Sponsor Email, and attach completed questionnaire to the email and send.
Prospective Gain Questionnaire
Check-In Email

Check-In Uniform

Officer / Chief

Summer: Summer White
Winter: Service Dress Blue  

E1 through E6

Summer: Service Dress White
Winter: Service Dress Blue
Winter and Summer uniform periods are prescribed by Commander, Navy Region Southeast. Generally, summer uniforms are worn from March to early November, and winter uniforms from early November to mid March. If you are reporting during one of the transitional periods, call the information desk at (361) 961-2688 to find out the specific date of the uniform change.

Contact Us

Phone Number(s):

(361) 961-6035
DSN 861-6035


Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi
ATTN: Command Sponsor Coordinator
Corpus Christi, TX 78419-5131
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.